Augmented Records was founded as an independent record label and record store supplying DJs and collectors with 45s, LPs and CDs while maintaining a digital catalog of innovative, obscure, eclectic and highly collectable rare grooves on physical formats.

In addition to featuring exclusive new releases by independent artists and labels — with all genres represented — we give special attention to emerging artists, experimental, punk rock, hip hop, dub and roots reggae artists in particular by supplying a full line of releases by labels such as Ace Records, Waxtime, VP Records, Greensleeves, Not Now Music and many more.

We welcome you to search the catalog where you will find a vast selection of rare vinyl on 7”, 10”, 12” formats, plus limited edition LPs, live recordings, obscure CDs and unrivaled online experiences, with ultra-secure payment methods and totally free shipping. And above all records at fair prices. We look forward to supplying your record needs.